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Responsible Gaming

The fundamental principle and core objective of HELLENIC LOTTERIES S.A., a member of the OPAP Group, is sensible gaming for adults only. With that goal in mind it implements a special public protection programme to prevent excessive participation in the games of chance it manages.

At the same time, as a member of European Lotteries, the OPAP GROUP is also bound to ensure that the "Responsible Gaming" certification framework, established for the protection of players worldwide, is implemented by all its companies, including HELLENIC LOTTERIES SA.

Specifically, HELLENIC LOTTERIES S.A., has undertaken the following initiatives:

  • 1114 Help Line: Sponsored by OPAP S.A., this psychological support and tele-counseling help line operates under the auspices of the KETHEA-ALPHA programme of the Rehabilitation Centre for People with Addictions. The 1114 help line aims at providing information and assistance with problems caused by an unnatural preoccupation with gambling to the players themselves, their family members and friends.
  • It carries out training seminars for OPAP S.A. retailers and informs its associates at other points of sale of its products how to identify signs of addictive behaviour in players and how to inform them they require specialist help.
  • It enforces a strict ban at OPAP S.A. retail outlets prohibiting minors (under 18) from playing HELLENIC LOTTERIES S.A. games and binding its associates at other points of sale from selling its products to minors (under 18).
  • It deters OPAP S.A. retailers and its other associates from the "aggressive" selling of its products (e.g. by exchanging winning tickets with new tickets, etc.) to customers.
  • It funds independent research into the mapping of the behavioural landscape of the Greek public with respect to games of chance.
  • It designs and realises its product communication plan according to international Responsible Advertising and Marketing practices.